Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cuz You Were Thinking With Your Dipstick!

.....Jimmy! Haha

How ridiculous is this commercial? Seriously, I want to find out who this actor is and give him an award.

This commercial has been playing on ESPN over and over again. At first you kind of hate it, then you realize just how unbelievably absurd it really is. Let the hilarity ensue.

Something EVERY Office Should Have

The answer........................

An 87 foot long slide with a 40 foot drop!!!! Duh
That's right. An office building in Britain just completed the in-door office slide dubbed "Helter Skelter" in which employees can either take the lift, stairs...or go hurling down this totally rad slide. Pure awesomeness.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Literacy Isn't What It Used To Be

Something tells me this wasn't an adult-made sign. But then again, pretty nice hand writing for a kid...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Music Video - Nice Day For A White Weddin'!

Yet more ridiculous 1980's booty shakin'. Gotta love it. Shotgun!

Billy Idol - White Wedding

When Chihuahua's Attack...

In the "so cute it kind of makes you want to throw up" department....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dwight Howard's Usual Pre-game Ritual

Now "usual ritual" sounds pretty redundant. But I say this because as a former athlete (table tennis champion all the way!), I think it's what a lot of players do before a game... only they don't mention it on camera. Dwight, you never cease to crack me up.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is Jim Calhoun Crazy? It Could Be Worse

A few times a year we get the pleasure of witnessing a coach or player totally melt down in front of the cameras during a press conference. Yesterday we all saw the latest victim falter on ESPN with UConn's Jim Calhoun. But what was the deal? Was he in the wrong, or was he in the right? How does his tirade compare?? Well folks I'm here to answer all your questions!

As a former sports reporter I can tell you right away that both Calhoun and the journalist who asked the question (some guy named Ken Krayeske) were both acting like complete nut jobs.

For good ole' Ken, Rule #1 If you're going to ask the man about his salary, be a little more subtle and sensitive. Don't make quick passive aggressive remarks that will embarrass the coach in front of everyone.

Rule #2 Save that question for last. Or even better yet, do it aside from everyone else outside of the press room. You're obviously looking for attention with this remark by starting the press conference this way and in front of everyone. And from the way the coach reacted, you're BOTH insecure and still looking to prove yourselves.

Which brings me to coach Calhoun. Coach, buddy, where ya goin? Are you really that insecure that you have to take all your aggressions out on a petty (evidently not that professional of a) journalist that nobody knows. You could have just said, "I really don't think that my salary has anything to do with the budget crisis we are in....etc..." -basically just staying calm and not acting like a total maniac..... And we never would have heard a peep about this! On the other hand, your passion may just be what makes a good coach.....just work on channeling that energy a little better!

I'm sure both of you are good guys, at least I'd like to think so, but everytime I see something like this I can't help but laugh........hystirically........uncontrollably...........for minutes at a time. Expect this to become the latest Youtube sports sensation / Coors light commercial parody!
Although what happened yesterday is pretty ridiculous, it's still one of the more tame (and less amusing I might add!) rants in recent memory. To show you what I mean, I have posted the Calhoun tirade below, along with some of my other top coaching meltdowns from the years. So Enjoy! And let me know which rant is your favorite of all-time.

Jim Calhoun's Best Advice: Shut Up.
Another Jim. Jim Mora was always a good quote. "Playoffs!!!..Playoffs!!"
Dennis Green instant classic "They are who we thought they were!" P.S. I like Sportscenter's reaction at the end..."that's a disappointed coach.." haha.
Mike Gundy - Coors Light parody shot by some students. This is even funnier than the 3 minute crazy-real version.

Did I forget any of the all-time bests? Let me know!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Crazy Mom Calls 911 After Burger King Botches Order

This is a must see. People will never cease to amaze me. Either this lady is absolutely out of her mind, or she must reallllly have some hellish, hungry kids.

null - Watch more free videos

Thanks to fellow Twitterer, Shawn, for sharing this.

Best Oscar Moment Of 2009

Who else thought this was hilarious!? Ben Stiller.... you just reminded me of your genius.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Tribute To Conan

"We're going on to this next gig and sometimes I read that it's time for Conan to grow up because he's going to 11:30, I assure you, that's just not going to happen."

That was Conan O'Brien last night as he said farewell to Late Night and it's final audience. I stayed up to watch the last show, and although it was sad (Conan did get choked up a bit while saying his goodbyes) it did only make me that more excited for him to come to L.A.

I am thrilled that he "won't grow up." The worst thing for him to do would be to change. Conan O'Brien is by far the funniest, most relate-able host in the biz, and moving to L.A. will only enhance his presence in the industry. After he takes over for Leno, you can pretty much cement him into television's all-time best. It will officially be "Conan O'Brien....SUPER STAR!"

Can you seriously imagine him in L.A.? He is going to tear up Hollywood Boulevard. I can already see him pulling on Chewbacca and hitting on Marilyn Monroe at Hollywood and Highland. Or how about Conan in Venice??? This is going to be great.

So Conan... I raise my glass to you buddy. This is to new, better times ahead right here in L.A. May the studios be full, the string dances be plenty and ...well...L.A, we're ready!!

There is a great tribute to Conan and his Late Night show on Youtube.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Real-Life Man Cave For Sale

We all hear about the "man-cave." Well, this one is for real folks. And it can be yours!

It's for sale on ebay, starting bid.... only $300,000!

Only's in Festus, Missouri. ........ Wherever that is.

Go To Ebay Auction

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Freaking Out Feline

Cat videos are always funny. Especially when they are this vocal. Check out "panic attack cat." Tell me if you know a cat like this one!?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two + Reasons To NOT Ride The Subway

So here's a website that has a list dedicated to the weird things people see on subways. Reallllly makes me happy I don't have to ride them daily. (Of course I'm stuck in hours of traffic everyday here in L.A., but at least I don't have to sit next to PeeWee Herman alien hybrids!)

Just a fair warning...some of these pictures go beyond weird.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Music Video - Who Is Johnny Ray?

Because I said so...

Dexy's Midnight Runners - "Come On Eileen"
Put on your Osh Kosh B'Gosh and dance to this one Ferris.

Thanks Shawn.

Monday, February 16, 2009

You Can Drive From L.A. To Sydney?!

Google, you are Hilarrrrioouussss.

Seriously, try typing in another city off of the continent...and tell Google Maps that you want to drive there and you won't get a response. However if you type in Sydney or Japan, and tell them you are starting from L.A.,they will give you specific instructions on how to "drive" there. Beautiful.

To get to Sydney from L.A. just drive to Seattle and hop in a kayak, paddle around 2,800 miles to Hawaii, where you will then work your way to the other side of Oahu, jump back in your kayak for another 3,900 miles where you'll finally run into Japan. (This gets good when all the instructions are in Japanese)

You then drive down the length of Japan and hop back into the kayak for another 3,400 miles before you hit Darwin, Australia, where you finally drive the rest of the way to Sydney.

I guess it only takes about 2 months or so. Ha!

Thanks to my friend Trevor for finding this!

Drive From L.A. To Sydney

The Most Underrated QB In Recent History!

Sorry Bucs, you lose. And it's your own fault.

The Bucs re-signed quarterback Luke McCown to a two-year, $7.5 million deal this past week, a month after promoting defensive coordinator Raheem Morris to the head coaching position upon firing Jon Gruden, and NOW they have decided to let go 4 time pro-bowler Jeff Garcia.

Now i'm not a Bucs fan, I could care less of what they do, but they are making a HUGE mistake.

I am huge Jeff Garcia and he NEVER gets the respect he deserves. Let me remind you that he is a 4-TIME PRO BOWLER! And since his glory days in San Francisco, he's made stops in Detriot, Cleveland, Phily and TB and played very well for all of them.

Sure, he's 39....but he still has at least a few more years left of play at a high level. They're saying he will probably end up in Minnesota, or back in San Francisco; where he had unbeleibable years from 2000-2003 when he threw for over 13,000 yard and 100 touchdowns!

Garcia says : "I do feel like I have football life in me. I feel I can still contribute. I'm not sure what my role will be with another team. I'm not looking at it like I need to start and be the man ... Hopefully, I'll have some opportunities out there. I'm pretty sure there's going to be something out there for me."

I say to the Ninas... welcome back Garcia with open arms baby! With the given chance, Garcia can still be a top 10 quarterback in 2009. Garcia is overwhelmingly underrated.

Source: ESPN

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze Reigns King On Valentine's Day

A survey came out today stating that two of Swayze's hit movies, Ghost and Dirty Dancing, are the two most romantic movies of all-time, thus being perfect for a Valentine's Day film extravaganza with that special someone. I'm probably going to catch hell for saying this, but I have to agree.

Does it really get better than Swayze in the 80's? Heck, I would even throw Roadhouse in there too! Swayze beats up a lot of dudes, gets the girl, and then beats up a lot of dudes. Great film.

And although you're probably not man enough to admit it, you know you love Ghost and D.D. How can you not?

If you're looking for something more up to date to watch with your "honey," then maybe consider Wedding Crashers or anything Adam Sandler. You can't go wrong with the hilarity that ensues with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, and Adam Sandler always gets the girl while changing the world in some way shape or form.

Just be sure to watch something she wants to see as well. You'll score major points. And if a Swayze movie falls in that category, then an even extra bonus for you! ;)

You can read more info about the survey here.

If this isn't perfect for Valentine's Day I don't know what is.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Celtics Fan Gets His Jig On While On Jumbotron!

If anyone knows when this was shot please let me know! It's been one of the hot videos on the web today and after watching it I can see why. This is definitely one of the best Jumbotron dances I have ever seen. Are all Celtics fans like this?! Seriously, this guy should have his own TV show....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Youtube Video Shows Ghost On Film

So a video has been posted on Youtube claiming that it has captured a real ghost. To me it just looks like a someone's shadow. Take a look...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We've Come A Long Way In The Music Video Biz!

So I was perusing Youtube checking out some of my favorite songs when I decided to search for Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."

The song came out around 1980, so I wasn't expecting a music video. But to my surprise, there was one. However what I was about to see I was definitely not ready for.

If you're up for seeing multiple butt shots, jump cuts and awkward poses next to a motorcycle, then watch what might be the worst music video ever made below. I mean hey, I love me some Queen, but this video I kind of want to erase from my memory.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Super Model Everyone Will Soon Know

The new S.I Swimsuit issue came out today with a brand new cover girl by the name of Bar Refaeli. Now she's been in the magazine the past couple of years, but this is really her big break.

Tyra, Heidi and Marisa are all S.I. cover alums.....expect Bar to become a huge star in the upcoming future as well. After these pics I think guys are going to take the word Bar to a whole 'nother level.

I tell ya what, I sure am a fan. And she's from Israel! La Heim!

Bar modeling for Hurley

And oh ya, 11% of S.I's total annual revenue comes from the Swimsuit issue. I'm not sure if that should be surprising or not after seeing pictures like this!

Blink-182 Already Recording New Album

I've grown out of my pop punk phase a little bit...but i'll always have a love for Blink-182. I'm totally pumped they're back together and I will definitely be seeing them when they go on tour, in which it looks like to be this upcoming summer. Check out their site...

This is the message they have left. Evidently they're already in the studio!? Who else is pumped about their return!?

Just Another Crazed Obama Fan

Did anyone else catch this?

Julio, I like ya buddy....but the President isn't Jesus Christ. And did Barack really answer your question???

Either way, I hope to hear this guy on the radio some day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Is A-Rod's Legacy Tainted Or Legit?

The weekend hiatus which you may have, or may not have noticed, is finally over! HaHa. Yes folks, I do apologize. I know you were probably wondering all weekend when you would get your Helmuth Fix again (or you were actually probably living a life). Hey, I'm sure my mom noticed!.....maybe. HaHa
But no worries! I'm back. I've made the big move from Burbank, CA to Sherman Oaks, CA..... a whole 10 mile drive down Magnolia Blvd!

But to the hot topic of the day..... it should be no surprise that I want to ask you about Alex Rodriguez. Even non-baseball fans know who the Yankee star is because of his handsome looks and off-field celebrity status. Of course I don't really think he's's not like that...i'm just repeating what I've been told......ya...

Today though was a crazy day in the ESPN world (that is currently revolving around A-rod) as news broke that he admittidly took steroids from 2001-2003, his entire tenure with the Texas Rangers. Go ahead and check out the ESPN site right now, and it is entirely Mr. Rodriguez. Of course this will change, but I have a feeling this will dominate the sports world for a while.

In a way it kind of surprises me that this is blown up the way it has been. I mean, it is huge news. But it doesn't surprise me that much at all to learn that A-Rod was on "performance enhancers." Should we be surprised? Especially after learning that pretty much any homerun hitter that played in the 90's ended up on some sort of juice. They don't call it the "steroid era" for no reason. And you don't have to be a mastermind to see the morphed bodies of guys like Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire to know that something was up.

A-Rod said in his Peter Gammons interview that he believes, as in most cases, "the truth will set him free." And I think he is right. I am glad he came forward. I think that it can only help him.

Do you think that A-Rod's records will be tainted in the same way that Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro and Mark McGuire's have been since the closing of the steroid era? In my opinion, I say no.

The difference here is that A-rod has years left to redeem himself, and he probably already has done so. Now we can't be too naive and assume that Alex is telling the 100% truth. But even if he is, he had one of the best careers in MLB history in 2007, and I think there is only more to come from what could be the future homerun king. Plus we are a very forgiving nation. Just look at Bill Clinton.

Let me know if today's admissions change your thoughts and feelings on A-Rod. Because whether it's good or bad, mine are indifferent.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Do You Accept Batman's Apology?

OK. I was going to leave this alone. The big Christian Bale tirade was just a little too hot for me to handle.

It's really a mind-blowing experience listening to mind couldn't comprehend the events that would have to take place for someone to compeletey melt down on set the way he did. I think the only thing I can compare it to is Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore when he takes a golf club to the clown at the mini-golf course.... still makes me laugh. Bale's rant though is just scary. Shocking. If the acting biz makes you that crazy, count me out.

Mr. Bale has now, officially, announced an apology, and rightfully so. Calling his outburst on the set of Terminator Salvation this past summer , "out of order beyond belief."

He also went on LA's radio show Kevin & Bean and said "I have to tell ya, it's been a miserable week for me... I know I have a potty mouth, everybody knows that now. The thing that I really wanna stress is that I have no confusion whatsoever, I was out of order beyond belief. I was way out of order. I acted like a punk, I regret that, and there is nobody that has heard that tape that it's hit harder than me. So I make no excuses for it, it was inexcusable and I hope that is absolutely clear..."

Even Christian's mother publicly announced she was upset. Good to know he has a caring mom. Sounds like he could take heed to some mama advice.

If you want to read more about the story you can find it at Starpulse. However, unless you are ready to hear some serious expletives do not listen to the video clip. The youtube video has the audio from the Bale outburst, in case you haven't heard it. However I also realize that since I told you to not listen to it, you probably will. Just know that you have been warned!

The big question though remains. Is Bale's apology legit? Do you accept it? Do we still love Batman?!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Hudson Miracle Cockpit Audio Tape

There's no way to sensationalize this, it's truly captivating in itself.

Click on the link below to hear the audio from U.S. Airways flight 1549 that crashed into the Hudson river a few weeks ago. It's amazing how Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger keeps his cool and concentration. At one point when asked "where do you want to land".... Sullenberger simply replies..."we're going to end up in the Hudson."

This will be a movie someday!... or at least a short mini-doc.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Is Hot

...No really, she is..... Smokin', really. So much in fact, that just in case you didn't hear, last week the former American Idol champion made Billboard history as she made the highest jump ever recorded in the Hot 100. Her leap from number 97 to number 1 was the highest in the chart's 50 year history.

So if you're like me, you may be wondering if you've heard the song already. Personally I hadn't, so I checked it out....... and all I have to say is, she has a MAD publicist.
The song is OK, it's good.....but good enough to make the highest jump ever?! .... I don't see it. She's had better songs in the past. My Life Would Suck Without You sold 280,000 digital downloads in it's first week, which I guess is pretty good. So that's the main reason for the large jump. On the radio it went from 58-38 on the Hot 100 airplay.

Nice job though Kelly. She just keeps coming back for more. And who can't root for a "rags to riches" type story. It wasn't that long ago she was just that little unknown brunette from Texas.

My Life Would Suck Without You Video

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

867-5309 Jenny I Got Your Number! It Only Costed Me A Mill.

Because I'm not going to talk about the maniac Christian Bale....

You finally have your chance to own the most famous number of all-time "8675309." Well, if your willing to cough up the's for sale on ebay and already going for nearly one half of a million bucks! Quite the profit considering the seller got the number for free in 2004.

The number, made famous by Tommy Tutone in the 80's, is normally inactive in most areas. However for the past five years a disc jockey by the name of Spencer Potter has owned the number for his business in New Jersey, receiving around 30-40 calls a day.

Ebay listing here

Read the story here

Mugshot News Blooper You Have To See

What's better to start your day than a good ole' news blooper. I definitely didn't see this coming, but when it does it will make you lol.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Click Here To See The Newest Online Phenomenon!

Don't worry this is not a scam, but something you will truly appreciate. Click the picture below to view the latest phenomenon that is taking over the web. As of October 15, 2008 (coincidentally my birthday) it has over 15 million hits. Just be careful, your head might explode!..................

If this doesn't make you smile within the first 5 seconds....then go down to your local Ralph's, IGA, Kroger, Publix or Piggly Wiggly and see if you can buy yourself a sense of humor, because honestly.. nothing is better!

Click Here To View The Latest Web Phenomenon

Find out more:

My buddy Shawn sent this to me this morning, and it immediately brightened my day. You can't help but watch and love every second of it. It's kind of like watching a train wreck, but instead of trains colliding you have 80's metrosexuals doing toe touches and jumping off brick walls in alleys. God bless America. God bless Rick Astley.

And oh ya.... YOU'VE BEEN RICKROLL'd!!