Monday, February 2, 2009

Click Here To See The Newest Online Phenomenon!

Don't worry this is not a scam, but something you will truly appreciate. Click the picture below to view the latest phenomenon that is taking over the web. As of October 15, 2008 (coincidentally my birthday) it has over 15 million hits. Just be careful, your head might explode!..................

If this doesn't make you smile within the first 5 seconds....then go down to your local Ralph's, IGA, Kroger, Publix or Piggly Wiggly and see if you can buy yourself a sense of humor, because honestly.. nothing is better!

Click Here To View The Latest Web Phenomenon

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My buddy Shawn sent this to me this morning, and it immediately brightened my day. You can't help but watch and love every second of it. It's kind of like watching a train wreck, but instead of trains colliding you have 80's metrosexuals doing toe touches and jumping off brick walls in alleys. God bless America. God bless Rick Astley.

And oh ya.... YOU'VE BEEN RICKROLL'd!!

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