Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thousands Campout In Advance For Rose Parade

It's crazy that I've been out in California for a year now, but this is the first story I covered when I moved out here last December.

Thousands of people get to the curbs a day early to get "seats" for the Rose Bowl Parade. Here is who I talked to Wednesday evening. They are hardcore!

The Rose Bowl Parade doesn't start until 8:00 AM Thursday morning, but thousands show up nearly 24 hours beforehand to get the best spots possible, camping out overnight. Josh Helmuth has the story from Pasadena, CA.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rose Bowl Matchup Has Nat'l Title Feel

If you think the Rose Bowl is a one day event, you are definitely mistaken. The media days started on Saturday and run through tomorrow before they even kick off the glorious parade through Pasadena.

I've interviewed many of the players and coaches and so far, this seems to be the most complete preview of what everyone truly thinks. Overall this game seems to be a classic matchup between two really good programs. The media may seem to be hyping this game up for a reason, it's sure to be a good one! The players think so too.

Penn State vs. USC

Monday, December 29, 2008

Are Your Dogs This Confused?

One of the best dog videos of 2008. The 3 confused Pugs.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The World Spending Map. Where does U.S. Rank?

Who's Buying What

We've all been inundated with the media telling us how horrible this shopping season has been. Noone is buying! I guess all of us consumers are supposed to be freaking out!....... Right?

Well, before we go and panic like it's 1929, take a look at this spending map. It kind of puts everything into perspective and reminds us that things are not quite as bad as some make it out to be. Positive energy people! Stay positive!

I would also like to mention that Pakistan spent $1 whole dollar on recreation last year. Ya, things truly COULD be a lot worse..... We could be living in Pakistan.

Click here to see the map.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Twitter Is The New Hot Social Network

Early in 2008 I was recommended to join Twitter in an effort to help network even more so than I already had with Myspace and Facebook. Already skeptical based on the name of the site, I mean c'mon... "Twitter?" I really started questioning the point after I found that it was only a status update. Something you could already do very easily on Facebook.

It wasn't until the last few weeks I really saw the tremendous potential of Twitter, and millions of others have as well.

According Hubspot, 70 percent of all Twitter users joined during 2008 and approximately 5,000 to 10,000 new accounts are opened each day. Thirty-five percent of Twitter users have ten or fewer followers and just 9 percent of all Twitter users don't follow anyone.

For a lot of you online social fanatics (I'm guilty of being one as well), this article is probably stating the obvious. However after being at home in central Illinois for the holidays, I was pretty astounded that hardly anyone I talked to (friends and family) had no clue what "Twitter" was.

makes it extremely easy to find people within your network of choice. So much in fact, that i've gained nearly 500 followers in the past 3 weeks. Others gain that in a single day if they persue it correctly. This has obviously helped new bloggers like myself gain new readers!

It's time to face it, Twitter is the new hot social network out there. If you don't have it yet, you probably will before the end of 2009. If you want to meet great people within your network that you can learn and be entertained by on a daily basis, then Twitter is where it's at.

You can follow me here.

I also highly recommend following Guy Kawasaki to get some great tips.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! Dwayne Wade Style

I've liked Dwayne Wade and knew he would become a star since his days at Marquette. Not only is he a stud with an NBA championship ring, he really seems like a great guy as well. Check out the link below to read about what he bought this family in Florida for Christmas, a family who lost everything just a few weeks ago. Talk about Dwayne Wade playing Santa! Pure awesomeness.

And Merry Christmas everyone! I truly hope that your day is filled with love and cheer.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Track Santa's Route

If you're hardcore this Christmas Eve and want to track Santa's route, here's your site. NORAD tracks Santa to the best of their ability, showing you in 7 different languages an estimation of where he is headed and where he has already been spotted delivering presents.

As I am posting this now he is in Russia. Pretty exciting stuff.

Also a GREAT tool to know when to get the kids to bed. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yankees Grab Teixeira

The New York Yankees came out of nowhere on Tuesday and finally signed free agent Mark Teixeira according to The contract agreement is an eight year deal worth $180 million (22.5 million/year).

ESPN reports "The Yankees had made an offer to Teixeira weeks ago, but then withdrew it. Their intention all along was to make a deal if it fell within parameters acceptable to the organization." And I would say it did... if you're willing to pay a guy $180 mill!

The Yanks now have 4 of the highest paid players in the game including Derek Jeter, C.C. Sabathia and A-rod. Absolutely incredible considering their payroll is still exptected to be around $200 million.

It looks like the Yanks are still on their way in their attempt to buy another World Series title. Teixeira is a stud that just adds to their improved pitching staff. If the hurlers can stay healthy and perform well on the mound, the Yanks got a shot to redeem themselves this year. Butttttt also, don't hold your breath.

Chicago Won't Sell Brazilian Sex

Oh those Brazilians really know how to do it don't they? Not only are they a pleasure to meet on the beach, but they evidently really know how to place an ad as well.

Here is a billboard that was placed in Chicago this past fall on Halsted south of Lake for Cabana Cachaca; Brazil's national drink of choice and one that has been known for it's racy ads.

Unfortunately Chicago wasn't having it. It was taken down sometime later.

Probably a good thing. I can only imagine the accidents the billboard would have caused!

But will it sell Cachaca? Probably YES, considering I am talking about it right now.

The Urban Observer

Monday, December 22, 2008

Top Crappiest Christmas Tree Ornaments Of 2008

You might get a pretty good laugh at this blog that has listed the "Top 20 Crappiest Christmas Tree Ornaments For Sale On Ebay."

Of my favorites are the Pillsbury dough boy on a horse.

And not even making the list, but on the page, toilet Santa.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Get To Know The USC Song Girls!

This is from The West Coast Fix, a segment I do for

The USC Song Girls. Enough said.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Facebook's Anti-Breast Policy

Facebook is censoring pictures of mothers that are posting pictures of themselves breast feeding.

The mothers aren't taking this too kindly and are now scheduling a "nurse in" on December 27th in which thousands of mothers are expected to post a breast feeding picture as their main profile photo.

At first glance, I was thinking... "no one reallly wants to see that!" It is still a very private area of the body, it's not like we're living in a third world country here. I don't find it obscene as much as I just find it as distasteful.

After thinking about it though, it really does just depend on the picture. If it's from a distance and you can just tell what the mother and baby are doing, I have no issue with that. It's when we get up close and personal with the extreme closeups that are a little out of control. Click here to see what I mean.

All in all, I'm all about breast feeding. It's perfectly natural and healthy. I reaaaallllyy just don't need to see an extreme closeup of it on my Facebook.

What do you think?

Nursing moms take aim at Facebook over breastfeeding censorship

Friday, December 19, 2008

Who Names Their Child Adolf Hitler?

3-year-old Hitler can't get name on cake. Family upset at store for denying request, and angry Internet postings.
Image: Campbell family

I don't understand how anyone could name their child after someone who has represented the pinnacle of evil, however that's exactly what these parents in New Jersey did 3 years ago when they named their newborn "Adolf Hitler Campbell."

Now that little Adolf is 3, they wanted to get a cake with his name on it to celebrate. The problem; the supermarket in Greenwich, NJ refused, saying the name was highly offensive. Which of course it is.

I believe in many freedoms, but if this kid grows up to be anything decent, he is going to seriously disown his parents. I even read that his younger sister has a middle name of "Aryan Race."

But back to the story....

Now there is an uproar because Wal-Mart, and later regrettably so, decided to put Adolf's name on his birthday cake. So ya, as expected, people are kind of freaking out.

There should be a process where we automatically "weed out" all of the people not fit to be parents. Make them take a test. And ya know, if they check-mark "Adolf Hilter Fan", sound the alarms! and make sure they are somehow incapable of procreation.

Check out the video here:

Best Christmas Gift Reaction EVER

Many people have already seen this, but since I'm in the Christmas spirit I thought I would share one of my favorite Christmas videos of all-time. These kids were on Good Morning America as teenagers to talk about the video that was shot nearly 10 years or so ago.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mr. Belding LOVES Karaoke

I've lived in L.A. for about a year now and right when I moved, one of the first pieces of legendary gossip I heard was that Mr. Belding from "Saved By The Bell," aka Dennis Haskins, loves to sing karaoke.

I've heard that he hits up places all the time to belt out Journey, Alice Cooper or anything else those crazy karaoke girls go for. So it didn't surprise me when I ran across this video of Belding belting out "Schools Out (For Summer)," at Dimples here in Burbank.

I also sang at Dimples a couple weeks ago, and it was fun. They give you a really cheesy dvd of your already cheesy performance. However, I wasn't about to share it with the world. Well, until now.

Now that i've seen ole' Dennis in all his glory, I'm going to post my performance as well. Go ahead and leave your vote in the comment section on whose performance is more embarrassing. I have a feeling this is going to be a Karaoke battle of epic proportions.

Mr. Belding


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

USC Trojans Tell Us What THEY Want For Christmas

Last time I was at practice I had to find out what college football players want for Christmas, not to mention what they get for going to the Rose Bowl! Here's what they had to say.

Office Employees Shoot Music Video

Not even sure how I found this, and I wasn't even sure what it was when I did. But very original.... in a non-original kind of way (It's a music video).

Shot all in one-take by an office full of employees at Connected Ventures, they're shooting Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta." Great Song.

More videos from the creator are here. Pretty funny chick.

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Children Horrified Of Santa

I know I have a picture from my childhood somewhere back at home where I am bawling my eyes out, screaming on Santa's lap; most likely at the community center in Hammond, IL.

Today many "Scared Of Santa" pics have hit the net in light of the new book that has come out.

Pretty ingenious. Seriously, I had no idea taking pictures of kids freaked out by Santa could be so funny!

They say at least 1/2 of all children are horrified by jolly St. Nick, and after looking at the pictures it wouldn't surprise me. Look below and you'll see the pure look of horror in these kid's eyes. Doesn't it just remind of you the mall scene in "A Christmas Story!" Although they were so excited to see Santa, remember how Ralphy and his brother reacted after they actually saw the creepy man in a white beard??.... "Hooooo Hoo Hooooooo." Really is quite frightening if you haven't even learned your alphabet yet.

I can only dream of having a Christmas Greeting card this great for my children someday.

Here are some links with more "Scared of Santa" pics.,0,7181908.ugcphotogallery

Possibly THE Funniest Christmas Commercial of 2008.

If you haven't seen this commercial yet for Gamestop, then you're in for a treat.

I was with some friends when I first saw this, and after a brief pause, trying to take in what we just witnessed, exploded into laughter following the spot.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Auburn Fans Acting Out Against New Head Coach Hire

Evidently I wasn't the only one that didn't understand Auburn's new hire, Gene Chizik. (The former Iowa State head coach went 5-19 over 2 seasons.)

Technically the hire isn't official yet, but the video below is a small taste of how Tiger nation is feeling right now. When Saban landed in Tuscaloosa 2 years ago, he was welcomed like the Second Coming! This video shows the UNwelcoming Chizik got in Auburn on Sunday. Pretty shocking.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

President Bush Attacked In Iraq By Journalist

No room for partisan politics here. If you're an American you should be pretty offended by this.

People are unbelievable. My friend Wendy Vinglinksy had it well put on her facebook, "Who throws a shoe? I mean Honestly? .. You fight like a woman " - Austin Powers.

The guerrilla shoe fighter is a journalist from Cairo. It's kind of amazing the S.S. weren't all over this to begin with. Outstanding reflexes by Bush though.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Auburn Fires Tuberville For This Guy?

Auburn has hired a football coach that has only won 5 games in the past two years.

Gene Chizik will officially be announced as the new head coach at Auburn on Monday, and if you're like me you're probably wondering who in the heck that is?!

Chizik has a horrible 5-19 record at Iowa State over 2 seasons. I guess the only reason he's getting the job is because he was defensive coordinator at Auburn when they went undefeated in 2004. But guess what was Tuberville!

I still don't get it. Fire a good football coach after one bad year, and hire a new coach that is 5-19 with only 2 years experience, and who learned under Tuberville???!!

Ohh, Auburn... oh how the tables have turned so quickly.

Go ahead and drink it in Bama fans. Things aren't lookin too hot in the plains right now.

You can read the full article below.

Calling All Mariokart Fans!
Mariokart 64 is arguably the best video game of all-time. Instead of going out on weekends, my entire freshman year of college at Alabama consisted of Mariokart tournaments in the dorm with about 15 different guys. Ya, that's right, i'm shameless! (There was also no g/f, what can I say)

Anywho, if you haven't seen this hilarious satire on the incredibly popular video game yet, then you have to click below.

This priceless video is made by a French prankster named Remi Gaillard. Remi (Mario) races the streets of France in a Mario-Kart, adding the sound effects and all. The bananas are the best part!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rod Blagojevich Looking Straight Foolish On The Daily Show

Our buddy Rod is so confused in this interview. He doesn't know what is going on.

The story was done Two years ago with Jason Jones to talk about the morning-after pill. The Governor didn't have a clue that it was a satire, so his answers are simply priceless.

I really don't care who it is, this is funny. I'm sure even the Governor had a good laugh afterwords. Well, maybe...

Top 10 Drama Kings In Sports

In light of all the Manny Ramirez and Terrell Owens drama back in the news, it got me thinking about all the controversies regarding narcissistic athletes over the past 10 years.

Whether it be off the field distractions, the selfish need for attention, or just flat out being a huge jerk, here is my list of the top 10 worst drama-causing teammates since 1998. These guys are sure to ruin team chemistry or single-handedly bring down an entire organization all-together. In other words; you probaaaabbly don't want these guys in your locker room.

10 Ricky Williams - Seems harmless. Pretty nice guy. He's just a loner that is always quitting on his team and wants to get high all the time.

9 Milton Bradley - Great athlete, only he's said to be a headcase. Tried to take out an announcer after a game last year when he ran up to the booth to say "hello" after the commentator made some slightly negative comments about him over the air. He may or may not deserve to be on the list, but it's said that he is very moody and tough to deal with.

8 Manny Ramirez - Manny is Manny. Still a top 10 player last year and the Sox still got rid of him. That says somethin.

7 Chad Johnson - Gotta love the TD celebrations over the years. Just needs too much attention. Proof: he changed his name legally to Ocho Cinco.

6 Allen Iverson - Practice? We talkin about Practice?... No, J/K. We are talking that he will never win a ring because he's too selfish on the court. One of the games greatest all-time scorers though.

5 John Rocker - Remember when the Braves had to fire him? And believe it or not, it actually wasn't because he wore this shirt.

4 Ron Artest - Rising star until he rocked Detroit, and not with a guitar. Teams gamble by adding him to the roster.

3 Terrell Owens - Has ruined every franchise he's been a part of. Good person with a good heart, he just has to surround himself with some sort of controversy at all times. The Cowboys are going nowhere with him on the team. Drama King.

2 Barry Bonds - Isn't there something funny about this picture? Barry metamorphed over the years, and not just physically. Towards the end it was the Giants, then Barry in the clubhouse. Two seperate entities. The Giants are happy to move on.

1 Latrell Sprewell - Well let's see, physically attacked his coach at Golden State, helped the Knicks completely fold, then turned down a multi-million dollar deal with the T'wolves because he "has a family to feed." Pretty sure he's now bankrupt.

Manny Ramirez Wants To Retire? Gimme A Break.

I think everyone is sick of the T.O. saga that seems to NEVER end. Consider Manny baseball's version.
Manny Ramirez

Although a great player, Manny Ramirez is all about himself and how much he is worth, instead of the team. He is now threatening to retire because teams aren't dishing out the cash he's wanting in order to be signed out of free agency. Ridiculous.

This coming from a guy that announced that in his spare time, when he is not working out, all he does is watch cartoons and play video games!? I really wonder what kind of cartoons Manny Ramirez watches...after playing Halo....sitting in a beanbag chair eating fruit loops. I can just picture it.

Manny will not retire. It's ludicrous to even bring it up. However I wouldn't sign him either. Way too much baggage.

Manny does have a ring or two, something Terrell Owens will never get. But just like T.O., Manny's distractions and moody behavior outweigh his play on the field in my book.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

UCLA Students Streak To Celebrate End Of Semester

Wednesday night will be a night that I will remember Forever! For-ev-ver, For-ev-ver, ("Sandlot" anyone?)

What a great time, getting to streak through campus in your undies, and nobody cares! Just makes me wish I would have gone to UCLA for college... even more so!

Thanks to Rob Steiner for being my camera man.
Thanks for all the really hot girls that decided to give me the time of day, even if it was just because I had a camera.
And guys, just thanks for...well...being funny. I guess that's that thing. Girls get naked, it's hot. Guys do, and it's just funny. HA.

Below are some screen captures from the story about Wednesday night's tri-annual UCLA "Undie Run" you can view below as well.

It happens every semester. UCLA coeds coming together at the end of finals to do one thing; streak through campus in their undies! In today's West Coast Fix, watch Josh get a little more than he bargained for while mixing in with the rowdy crowd.

Should There Be An NCAA Playoff?

8 teams may be too much to ask. The Bowls simply make too much money.

However if we did have an 8 team playoff, check out the possible playoff that would be sure to blow your mind!




I decided to put Boise State in the playoff instead of Texas Tech, because I believe in the purity of an undefeated season. Doing so should give you the right to go play for a national title.

With this format, I think it would still be a Florida/Oklahoma national title game, or Florida/Alabama, could even be a USC/Alabama or USC/Oklahoma if you want to take alternative picks.

The main point is, we will never know unless we play the games.

What do you think about a playoff? Who would you have winning? has great coverage of the upcoming Bowl Season.

Chuck E Cheese's Is Dangerous

I've never been to a Chuck E. Cheese, but for some reason this doesn't surprise me too much. Oh, those crazy parents...haha


The Wall Street Journal reports on the disturbing trend of violent fights breaking out at Chuck E. Cheese's. One 40-person brawl in Wisconsin got started when someone showed up uninvited to a kid's birthday party. A Milwaukee city official says their local Chuck E. Cheese is “like something out of a Quentin Tarantino film.” Oddly, the article does not mention the most obvious explanation for the violence: people driven insane by maniacal singing robot animals.

Santa's Not Real?!

Teacher Tells Kids: Santa's Not Real

What would you do if your seven year old found out from his/her substitute teacher that Santa Claus is not real?

That's apparently what happened in Royton, England when the class got out of hand and the teacher told them their parents leave their gifts under the tree and not Santa.

Amusing, yes. Sad, haha yes.

Tim McGraw, Governor?

Tim McGraw wants to be Tennessee's next Govna.

The New Republic is reporting that country singer Tim McGraw could run for Governor as soon as 2010! That's practically next year.

If he thinks he could do a good job, then I'm all for it. I mean who isn't a fan of Ronald Reagan, another star who ran for office with no experience simply because of his name.

Not to mention, I am also a BIG fan of Faith Hill. ;)

Meet A REAL Pirate! You Must See This

Ever wondered what A real pirate looks like? Then watch this.

After losing his eye in a car accident and finding his way to Santa Barbara, CA by mistake more than 20 years ago, Raymond "Pirate" Lucero has just been chillin' in Isla Vista, CA near the UCSB campus. Over time, "Pirate" has become famous amongst all the local students. Sam Lichtig hangs out with Pirate to see what he's all about!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Full House Making A Comeback?!

Oh come on, you know you loved it!

Michelle, Stef, ...all the Tanners.

Jesse, AKA. John Stamos wants to bring back the hit show. Supposedly they're really trying to get things rolling again.

Stamos in an interview said "I know it would involve me and Jodie Sweetin. We would revive our characters, but today as young women." Haha, ya, not sure what that means.

But Bob Sagat and the olsen twins...don't see it happening. We all know Bob is, well, no longer prince of that crystal clean image anymore. And the twins are off doing their own thing.. you know.. ruling the world.

While it could be all gossip, it would be awesome to see what it would be like though. Gosh what a great show!

Yankees Spend Too Much Again

Earn Your Stripes

CC Sabathia is reporting that the Yankees have offered C.C. Sabathia 161 million for 7 years! Which would be the largest baseball contract in the history of the game for a pitcher.

Ohhhh, those crazy Yankees....

They are paying for the C.C. that dominated the NL the last half of the 2008 season. We're talking an ERA under 2.00, and a trillion strikeouts.

What they'll actually get, in a tougher division AND league, and not to mention .. oh YA.. you're pitching in YANKEE stadium where the fans turn on you in a dime.. is the C.C. with an ERA around 3.50 and maybe 200 K's. Because of this Sabathia's fantasy value will dip a little bit, but he's still solid. Just not sure if he's 161 mill. solid.

But go ahead, grab him. C.C. IS one of the best pitchers out there. For that much money you deserve it. It still won't buy ya a World Championship. Sorry Yanks.

Facebook=Full Disclosure

Many people, mainly you crazy college kids out there, don't realize that everything you publish online, including your "private" facebook and myspace pages, are actually free to the government to peruse. And who knows what other kind of third parties are checking out your drunken pics from Sophomore year that Amy posted of you that you totally, like forgot about.

Be careful what you put online. I think I may have to do some searching of myself as well. Those darn pics of me streaking across the quad after that Alabama win may come back to haunt me.... i mean.....

Facebook Pages Could Land in National Archive

Imagine those unflattering photos snapped of you boozed up and doing keg stands New Year’s Eve 2003 or, worse yet, snapshots of your chubbier, acne-filled college days landing in the National Archives for all public peepers to see. That’s the fear for some Obama administration applicants who worry that the disclosed information, including Facebook pages, could end up subject to the Presidential Records Act and consequently be turned over to the National Archives. Before you go scurrying off to plead with Rahm or Joey B. for your application back, take note that not everything handed over to Obama’s transition team will end up on display at the Obama museum 20 years from now. Although, just in case, resist the urge to post that picture of the Dubya cardboard cut-out in a compromising position.

USC Content With Roses, But Wish For Playoff

The USC Trojans are headed to the Rose Bowl for the 4th year in a row. Check out my latest I talk with the men of Troy about playing in the BCS, and how they wish they could compete in a new NCAA playoff format.

Lesser of two evils

Joe the plumber: "McCain appalled me."

Although you can't always take a person word for word, especially when they are constantly being interviewed by the liberal media, it is still unfortunate when these things turn up.

Just one day after Governor Blogojevich was arrested on conspiracy to sell Obama's senate seat (which means it's hard telling what other corruption has taken place while Obama DID hold his place in the senate) we find out that, once again, we have probably voted for simply "the lesser of two evils" - once again, so to say.

Joe the plumber says that McCain appalled him so much that he was ready to jump the bus, only he disliked Obama more. In the interview he says that a Barack Obama presidency scared him more than anything.

He does talk about Sarah Palin and how "real" she is. I can actually believe that. The media is always giving her a bad rap, when really, it does appear that she simply wants to serve the people. An Alaskan hockey mom is probably exactly what we need folks. That's about as real as it gets!

You can read the article here.

An Honest Mistake

This made me laugh out loud. I had to share.

Merry Christmas, Satan