Tuesday, February 3, 2009

867-5309 Jenny I Got Your Number! It Only Costed Me A Mill.

Because I'm not going to talk about the maniac Christian Bale....

You finally have your chance to own the most famous number of all-time "8675309." Well, if your willing to cough up the dough...it's for sale on ebay and already going for nearly one half of a million bucks! Quite the profit considering the seller got the number for free in 2004.

The number, made famous by Tommy Tutone in the 80's, is normally inactive in most areas. However for the past five years a disc jockey by the name of Spencer Potter has owned the number for his business in New Jersey, receiving around 30-40 calls a day.

Ebay listing here

Read the story here

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  1. Well, I'm glad you didn't talk about Mr. Bale. I think he was having a bad day anyway!
    Now, about the famous phone number, Bean from Kevin &Bean wants it, too. That's funny!