Saturday, February 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze Reigns King On Valentine's Day

A survey came out today stating that two of Swayze's hit movies, Ghost and Dirty Dancing, are the two most romantic movies of all-time, thus being perfect for a Valentine's Day film extravaganza with that special someone. I'm probably going to catch hell for saying this, but I have to agree.

Does it really get better than Swayze in the 80's? Heck, I would even throw Roadhouse in there too! Swayze beats up a lot of dudes, gets the girl, and then beats up a lot of dudes. Great film.

And although you're probably not man enough to admit it, you know you love Ghost and D.D. How can you not?

If you're looking for something more up to date to watch with your "honey," then maybe consider Wedding Crashers or anything Adam Sandler. You can't go wrong with the hilarity that ensues with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, and Adam Sandler always gets the girl while changing the world in some way shape or form.

Just be sure to watch something she wants to see as well. You'll score major points. And if a Swayze movie falls in that category, then an even extra bonus for you! ;)

You can read more info about the survey here.

If this isn't perfect for Valentine's Day I don't know what is.

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