Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manny Ramirez Leading All-Star Votes?!

Manny has been suspended for 50 games due to the use of banned substances by Major League Baseball. He only played in 27 games all season, yet he is ranked 4th in All-Star voting for NL outfielders.

Who is voting here? It can only be Manny-crazed, ignorant Dodgers fans that are in denial.
Now if I were a Dodger fan, I would probably put up with Manny too. He's a GREAT player.... when he wants to be. I get it. But no one that only plays in 27 games should have the privilege of playing in the All-Star game. Especially in St.Louis (The world's best baseball town).

There are still many, many weeks left of voting. Let's hope this trend subsides.


I swear if Manny gets into the All-Star game I'll freak out just like this kid when his cake gets taken away.

I really have to stop talking about Manny....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mr. T Impresses Thousands At Wrigley Field

OK, so I wouldn't quite say impressed...
This is been all over ESPN, but I can't help it. I have to watch it more. Every year we have two or three celebrities that leave lasting memories at Wrigley Field during the 7th inning stretch. For some reason, I have a feeling i'll remember this one for years to come. "I pity dim Pirates!"

Where does this rank as the all-time worst "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" moments?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Something ALL Tailgaters Need, Gas Powered LaZBoy

Who doesn't need a twin-engine recliner anyway?

Baseball stadiums, football parking lots, the races, the back nine..... cornhole behind the barn, doesn't matter the occasion, where you are or what you are playing, we could all use one of these. I have a feeling my Nana and this guy would get a long great.

EMBED-The Gas-Powered La-Z-Boy - Watch more free videos

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Go say hi to your favorite Veteran.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Police Officer Caught Shoplifting WHAT?

This could only happen in Iowa. Eric D. Kennedy, 36, is a Polk County sheriff's deputy. He is an avid football card collector. He is also a shoplifter. You do the math.

Yes, that means he is a cop that shoplifts football cards. At a Casey's General Store (AKA 'Beerland' if you're my buddy Andy. Or if you're out west, kind of like a 7/11) And he got caught. Red-handed.

He now faces a misdemeanor theft charge after a hidden security camera 'allegedly' recorded him stealing the packs of cards by slipping them into his pockets, then of course leaving the store without forking over the cash. And yes, he was ON-DUTY.

The best part. Eric still maintains his innocence. Hey, they camera don't lie! You crazy Iowa corn-husking fools....

Just so you can read it for yourself. [DesmoinesRegister]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A-Rod Neckin' With Kate Hudson?!

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but this is probably a good thing for A-Rod. I mean c'mon Alex......Madonna????

Not sure where all of this is headed, but I guess things have gotten pretty steamy between, excuse me...A-ROD and cutie actress, miss Kate Hudson.

Last weekend she was in the stands cheering on the Yanks in the Bronx before heading out to a place with Rodriguez after the game to 'celebrate.' The New York Post reports:

[But the real action came later that night at Mustang Grill on Second Avenue. Our source said a bartender at the Southwestern joint at 85th Street "was asking patrons not to go in the back room around 1 a.m. because A-Rod and Kate Hudson were back there making out."]

I hope this works out for the both of em. But c'mon... it has 'fling' written allll over it! Either way, this should help get A-rod's focus off the steroid abuse news. And what actress doesn't need more publicity.

And in the music world, I HAVE to mention that the best pop-punk band of all-time reunited last night, FITTINGLY, in my new hometown of Burbank, CA, on The Tonight Show. Blink-182 is back baby!

Thoughts on Blink? Thoughts on Madonna...I mean...Kate!
Leave them here!

Anyone Ever Hear Of A Plymouth 'Duster?'

Is this a car commercial, or an ingenious satire? How much of a budget do you have set aside for a 1980's 'Duster' commercial? Ouch. Hate to see how much money Plymouth and the production company lost on this one!

Friday, May 15, 2009

ALERT: Sir Charles, NOT The Greatest Golfer

God bless him. No matter what Charles Barkley does, we still love 'em.
The wind is a little annoying, but this video is still hilarious as Barkley's tee shot takes a line drive into some guy's neck just right behind the video camera.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

And Now Time For Your Professional Baseball Pitching Blooper

Have you ever seen a baseball game won in extra innings by a wild pitch thrown during an intentional walk? Ya, mean either...until now.

Here is the Lancaster Barnstormers losing the game to the Somerset Patriots. It's not even minor league ball. I didn't know that there was another American professional league besides MLB, but surprise, surprise, there is! Introducing the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball! And this is how awesome it is....

I love the fact that the manager comes out to the mound, only to leave the pitcher in the game after he had thrown nearly 3 wild pitches on an intentional walk already.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Should Glen Davis Apologize?

So THIS is the kid that wants the apology? Give me a break.

He didn't get knocked down, pushed, shoved or hit. He simply got nudged into and lost his hat. Big whoop. There are millions of people that would love to be in the front row of an NBA playoff basketball game.. seats so close that you get ran-into by a professional basketball player... after a game-winning shot.

Just in case you haven't heard, the kid in the white that got nudged into..his father is demanding an apology from Glen Davis for the 'incident.' I have a feeling this kid will never play a contact sport. Stick to chess....there's some Magic!

Bi-Polar Chihuahua

And now time for some 'bi-polar Chihuahua action.' Because I said so. And it's funny.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Is YOUR Reaction To Manny Ramirez?

Manny! What is UP brotha?! ...Well, NOT your salary. After today.

I've heard of Manny being 'Manny,' but I didn't know that included the 'roids.

Don't ask me what Manny Ramirez was thinking. I guess he wasn't. If you cruise YouTube though, there are plenty of people that have their thoughts on Manny's drug violation and 50 game suspension that broke today. Here are my favorite reactions while doing a quick browse.
What's your reaction?

Jim Rome

Some Crazy Fellow 'Roid User

Some Kid

What is YOUR reaction so Manny's drug violation and 50 game suspension!?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Reason Zack Grienke Has Been Dominant: His GF

No WONDER Zack Grienke has been lights-out since September of last year. Grienke's CY Young, ridiculous type pitching numbers that include a 0.40 ERA (may be dropping lower this second) may be attributed to his incredibly stunning hot swimsuit model fiance' Emily Kuchar.
Kuchar was jealous that Grienke made the cover of S.I last week because it is her dream to make the S.I swimsuit edition. Hmmm... something tells me that there will be plenty of attention coming in both their ways if Zack keeps pitching like he has been!

The only thing in the world that's tougher than pitching for Kansas City is being married to this, I'm sure of it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dodgers Break NL Record

"Mannywood" is not only a very successful publicity stunt thus far, but it's also getting the Dodgers wins. They just broke the NL record for most home game wins to start a season, going 11-0. They'll try to tie the all-time MLB record tomorrow that the Detroit Tigers have held since 1911.

So is Manny worth all that money? Lookout MLB fans. Mannywood is here to stay.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pitching Can Be A Booger

My 'acting career' is going pretty well. So well in fact I haven't had a whole lot of time to write lately. This picture should hold the fort for the meantime. It's always entertaining seeing baseball players act like real human beings. Because afterall, we're always putting them up on serene pedestals of perfection. We never see them spit, chew, scratch, pick, swear... or in this case...dig for gold. Because this is a rare occurrence. Baseball players are clean, neat beings......this picture is funny....because like I said, ball players just don't do this sorta thing.... Well, at least not on ESPN.

Unless your name is John Danks. John Danks. John Danks would do this. I love you John Danks.