Monday, February 16, 2009

You Can Drive From L.A. To Sydney?!

Google, you are Hilarrrrioouussss.

Seriously, try typing in another city off of the continent...and tell Google Maps that you want to drive there and you won't get a response. However if you type in Sydney or Japan, and tell them you are starting from L.A.,they will give you specific instructions on how to "drive" there. Beautiful.

To get to Sydney from L.A. just drive to Seattle and hop in a kayak, paddle around 2,800 miles to Hawaii, where you will then work your way to the other side of Oahu, jump back in your kayak for another 3,900 miles where you'll finally run into Japan. (This gets good when all the instructions are in Japanese)

You then drive down the length of Japan and hop back into the kayak for another 3,400 miles before you hit Darwin, Australia, where you finally drive the rest of the way to Sydney.

I guess it only takes about 2 months or so. Ha!

Thanks to my friend Trevor for finding this!

Drive From L.A. To Sydney

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