Monday, February 9, 2009

Is A-Rod's Legacy Tainted Or Legit?

The weekend hiatus which you may have, or may not have noticed, is finally over! HaHa. Yes folks, I do apologize. I know you were probably wondering all weekend when you would get your Helmuth Fix again (or you were actually probably living a life). Hey, I'm sure my mom noticed!.....maybe. HaHa
But no worries! I'm back. I've made the big move from Burbank, CA to Sherman Oaks, CA..... a whole 10 mile drive down Magnolia Blvd!

But to the hot topic of the day..... it should be no surprise that I want to ask you about Alex Rodriguez. Even non-baseball fans know who the Yankee star is because of his handsome looks and off-field celebrity status. Of course I don't really think he's's not like that...i'm just repeating what I've been told......ya...

Today though was a crazy day in the ESPN world (that is currently revolving around A-rod) as news broke that he admittidly took steroids from 2001-2003, his entire tenure with the Texas Rangers. Go ahead and check out the ESPN site right now, and it is entirely Mr. Rodriguez. Of course this will change, but I have a feeling this will dominate the sports world for a while.

In a way it kind of surprises me that this is blown up the way it has been. I mean, it is huge news. But it doesn't surprise me that much at all to learn that A-Rod was on "performance enhancers." Should we be surprised? Especially after learning that pretty much any homerun hitter that played in the 90's ended up on some sort of juice. They don't call it the "steroid era" for no reason. And you don't have to be a mastermind to see the morphed bodies of guys like Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire to know that something was up.

A-Rod said in his Peter Gammons interview that he believes, as in most cases, "the truth will set him free." And I think he is right. I am glad he came forward. I think that it can only help him.

Do you think that A-Rod's records will be tainted in the same way that Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro and Mark McGuire's have been since the closing of the steroid era? In my opinion, I say no.

The difference here is that A-rod has years left to redeem himself, and he probably already has done so. Now we can't be too naive and assume that Alex is telling the 100% truth. But even if he is, he had one of the best careers in MLB history in 2007, and I think there is only more to come from what could be the future homerun king. Plus we are a very forgiving nation. Just look at Bill Clinton.

Let me know if today's admissions change your thoughts and feelings on A-Rod. Because whether it's good or bad, mine are indifferent.


  1. I'm glad he did it... I'm glad Bonds did it. I'm glad clemens did it.