Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Children Horrified Of Santa

I know I have a picture from my childhood somewhere back at home where I am bawling my eyes out, screaming on Santa's lap; most likely at the community center in Hammond, IL.

Today many "Scared Of Santa" pics have hit the net in light of the new book that has come out.

Pretty ingenious. Seriously, I had no idea taking pictures of kids freaked out by Santa could be so funny!

They say at least 1/2 of all children are horrified by jolly St. Nick, and after looking at the pictures it wouldn't surprise me. Look below and you'll see the pure look of horror in these kid's eyes. Doesn't it just remind of you the mall scene in "A Christmas Story!" Although they were so excited to see Santa, remember how Ralphy and his brother reacted after they actually saw the creepy man in a white beard??.... "Hooooo Hoo Hooooooo." Really is quite frightening if you haven't even learned your alphabet yet.

I can only dream of having a Christmas Greeting card this great for my children someday.

Here are some links with more "Scared of Santa" pics.



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