Thursday, December 11, 2008

UCLA Students Streak To Celebrate End Of Semester

Wednesday night will be a night that I will remember Forever! For-ev-ver, For-ev-ver, ("Sandlot" anyone?)

What a great time, getting to streak through campus in your undies, and nobody cares! Just makes me wish I would have gone to UCLA for college... even more so!

Thanks to Rob Steiner for being my camera man.
Thanks for all the really hot girls that decided to give me the time of day, even if it was just because I had a camera.
And guys, just thanks for...well...being funny. I guess that's that thing. Girls get naked, it's hot. Guys do, and it's just funny. HA.

Below are some screen captures from the story about Wednesday night's tri-annual UCLA "Undie Run" you can view below as well.

It happens every semester. UCLA coeds coming together at the end of finals to do one thing; streak through campus in their undies! In today's West Coast Fix, watch Josh get a little more than he bargained for while mixing in with the rowdy crowd.

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