Friday, December 12, 2008

Top 10 Drama Kings In Sports

In light of all the Manny Ramirez and Terrell Owens drama back in the news, it got me thinking about all the controversies regarding narcissistic athletes over the past 10 years.

Whether it be off the field distractions, the selfish need for attention, or just flat out being a huge jerk, here is my list of the top 10 worst drama-causing teammates since 1998. These guys are sure to ruin team chemistry or single-handedly bring down an entire organization all-together. In other words; you probaaaabbly don't want these guys in your locker room.

10 Ricky Williams - Seems harmless. Pretty nice guy. He's just a loner that is always quitting on his team and wants to get high all the time.

9 Milton Bradley - Great athlete, only he's said to be a headcase. Tried to take out an announcer after a game last year when he ran up to the booth to say "hello" after the commentator made some slightly negative comments about him over the air. He may or may not deserve to be on the list, but it's said that he is very moody and tough to deal with.

8 Manny Ramirez - Manny is Manny. Still a top 10 player last year and the Sox still got rid of him. That says somethin.

7 Chad Johnson - Gotta love the TD celebrations over the years. Just needs too much attention. Proof: he changed his name legally to Ocho Cinco.

6 Allen Iverson - Practice? We talkin about Practice?... No, J/K. We are talking that he will never win a ring because he's too selfish on the court. One of the games greatest all-time scorers though.

5 John Rocker - Remember when the Braves had to fire him? And believe it or not, it actually wasn't because he wore this shirt.

4 Ron Artest - Rising star until he rocked Detroit, and not with a guitar. Teams gamble by adding him to the roster.

3 Terrell Owens - Has ruined every franchise he's been a part of. Good person with a good heart, he just has to surround himself with some sort of controversy at all times. The Cowboys are going nowhere with him on the team. Drama King.

2 Barry Bonds - Isn't there something funny about this picture? Barry metamorphed over the years, and not just physically. Towards the end it was the Giants, then Barry in the clubhouse. Two seperate entities. The Giants are happy to move on.

1 Latrell Sprewell - Well let's see, physically attacked his coach at Golden State, helped the Knicks completely fold, then turned down a multi-million dollar deal with the T'wolves because he "has a family to feed." Pretty sure he's now bankrupt.

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