Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yankees Grab Teixeira

The New York Yankees came out of nowhere on Tuesday and finally signed free agent Mark Teixeira according to ESPN.com. The contract agreement is an eight year deal worth $180 million (22.5 million/year).

ESPN reports "The Yankees had made an offer to Teixeira weeks ago, but then withdrew it. Their intention all along was to make a deal if it fell within parameters acceptable to the organization." And I would say it did... if you're willing to pay a guy $180 mill!

The Yanks now have 4 of the highest paid players in the game including Derek Jeter, C.C. Sabathia and A-rod. Absolutely incredible considering their payroll is still exptected to be around $200 million.

It looks like the Yanks are still on their way in their attempt to buy another World Series title. Teixeira is a stud that just adds to their improved pitching staff. If the hurlers can stay healthy and perform well on the mound, the Yanks got a shot to redeem themselves this year. Butttttt also, don't hold your breath.

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