Friday, December 26, 2008

Twitter Is The New Hot Social Network

Early in 2008 I was recommended to join Twitter in an effort to help network even more so than I already had with Myspace and Facebook. Already skeptical based on the name of the site, I mean c'mon... "Twitter?" I really started questioning the point after I found that it was only a status update. Something you could already do very easily on Facebook.

It wasn't until the last few weeks I really saw the tremendous potential of Twitter, and millions of others have as well.

According Hubspot, 70 percent of all Twitter users joined during 2008 and approximately 5,000 to 10,000 new accounts are opened each day. Thirty-five percent of Twitter users have ten or fewer followers and just 9 percent of all Twitter users don't follow anyone.

For a lot of you online social fanatics (I'm guilty of being one as well), this article is probably stating the obvious. However after being at home in central Illinois for the holidays, I was pretty astounded that hardly anyone I talked to (friends and family) had no clue what "Twitter" was.

makes it extremely easy to find people within your network of choice. So much in fact, that i've gained nearly 500 followers in the past 3 weeks. Others gain that in a single day if they persue it correctly. This has obviously helped new bloggers like myself gain new readers!

It's time to face it, Twitter is the new hot social network out there. If you don't have it yet, you probably will before the end of 2009. If you want to meet great people within your network that you can learn and be entertained by on a daily basis, then Twitter is where it's at.

You can follow me here.

I also highly recommend following Guy Kawasaki to get some great tips.

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