Friday, June 12, 2009

Orlando Needs MAGIC To Stay Alive

Cliche. I know. But it's going to take a lot of magic, borderline miracle for Orlando to win the series now. But hey, if they do win this thing in seven games, i'll look like a genius. Buuuutt we all know that's very doubtful.

When I picked the Magic to win the Finals over the Lakers last week, I kind of assumed that they would be able to knock down their free throws. Especially in clutch situations. Especially if your name is Dwight Howard.

I also assumed that they would be able to secure a double digit lead, in the second half, at home.

I assumed that Stan Van Gundy would coach like he does during the regular season, and not go brain dead when it matters most. i.e, fouling the Lakers when they're up three points with under 10 seconds left in regulation.

And finally, Dwight, you know I love ya. Not to pick on you. But you HAVE to give up the ball when your triple and quadruple teamed down-low. Not doing so only results in 7 turnovers. But I'm sure you do know this.

I'm still pulling for the Magic. That's exactly what it will take though for Orlando to make a come-back in this series. Hopefully they pull a rabbit (or some basketball strategy) out of their hat soon.

Anyone think Dwight and Co. still have shot? Or was Game 4 the biggest choke in NBA Finals history, leading the Magic to a game 5 outing?

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