Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tommy Lasorda Is A Baller!

Or he may just be a ball. I'm not sure.

This pic was posted on Deadspin and they said they were worried about Tommy's health.

C'mon guys. Was he ever skinny? I'm sure he's feelin fine! Not everybody can take a great pic on everrrry shot.

It is pretty cool what they are doing though. Tommy, alongside the guy from The Unit (and those All-State commercials) and David Robinson are touring Afghanistan to hang out with our troops. In fact they just stopped by one of my buddies' base there and he got to meet all three. Nathan Schrock, from Arthur, IL, you are a rad! He's the only army guy in this pic that looks like he's having a good time (Because that's how us A-towners role!)
Too bad Tommy wasn't in this pic. It's always good to see him behind a huge barrel.

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