Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Ifs, Ands or BUCKS About It

From the pretty garsh darn funny department, Ohio State basketball star (and by star, I mean extremely popular Columbus white guy at the end of the bench that is lucky to play) Mark Titus decided to enter the NBA Draft. Only problem, David Stern wasn't havin' it.

Stern didn't want Titus' entry to make the Draft look like a mockery. I'm assuming he doesn't want every college kid sitting at the end of a bench wanting to enter. Because having too many college kids enter the draft would be overwhelming! .. Back to that later....

After calling Ohio State once, then contacting Titus again to tell him he better remove his name...'or else,' Titus finally decided to close up shop. Rivals reports on Titus: "The NBA had called back and this time they demanded I pull my name out “or else.” I assume the “or else” meant they were going to make me do an NBA Catalog commercial like Larry Bird did in 1987. Despite the fact that I would have loved nothing more than to do a similar commercial, I realized that maybe the NBA isn’t an organization to be messed with and I pulled my name out."

And my favorite: "Because of this, I’m not really all that upset about them treating me differently. In fact, I’m somewhat excited. I could very well be the first person in the history of the NBA to basically be told to go away."

So what's funnier? Mark has his own blog, a very successful one I might add, fitly titled: Club Trillion: Life Views From The End Of The Bench.

Although he's a pesky Buckeye, needless to say, I like this kid. If you ever want to come play some pickup in Burbank let me know. We won't tell ya to 'go away.'

Oh, and Stern. Just let the kid join in on the fun. What is there to lose?... Oh sorry, more publicity I guess. That would be just horrible for the NBA.

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  1. The NBA doesn't need him to make a mockery of anything. They do a fine enough job on their own as is.