Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can H.S. Kid Throw 5th No-Hitter In A Row?!

I don't care who you are and who you are pitching against. Throwing 4 No-Hitters in a row is absolutely insane!

Patrick Schuster threw his fourth consecutive "no no" last night in New Port Richey, Florida. I'm sure you've seen it all on ESPN by now. The very likeable youngster could hardly believe it as he told reporters that he didn't even know which inning he was pitching in. He was shocked that he still had one more inning to go during the sixth and wasn't sure that he could "take it" (the pressure) any more!

The Senior at Mitchell H.S. has struckout 60 batters in the four starts, and has an ERA of 0.73 this season! And oh ya, the four no-hitters breaks the Florida state record and is two shy of the national record held by two different dudes. One I guess actually works for ESPN.

And oh ya, it's his 5th No'No this year in total!

Can he go for six?!!! I know i'll be rooting for him.

If he makes it to five in a row I'll be crying just like his mama! (Especially if my WhiteSox or Cardinals draft him!)......(Yes, I have two teams.... sue me)

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  1. That is remarkable. Also, I love The Helmuth Fix.