Wednesday, April 22, 2009

49ers Reverting To Old School Look

The San Francisco 49ers are going back to their 1980's "Joe Montana" type look. And it is awesome.

They haven't announced it yet, but just as all things tend to get leaked, this is no exception. The Niners will try to turn around their horrid decade of loss by going back to the way they looked when they were pumping out Super Bowl Rings like Huey Lewis was spitting out gold records (who doesn't love "Sports??" The Heart Of Rock N' Roll!!??.... anyone? anyone?.....Bueller???)

I sure am happy. Retro is the new "new." And may I say, the Niners are back to having the best uniforms/logo in the biz. They got rid of the black stripe down the center of the helmet, and replaced the dark red with the old "firefighter" red. Pure righteousness.

Here is also a leaked pic of the new jerseys with the same old school feel. So ya, don't be surprised if the Nina's pull off an "Arizona Cardinal" this season and make it to the Supa' Bowl!
OK...wishful thinking I guess......

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