Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chicken Wing Shortage May Ruin Your Super Bowl!

Just in case you haven't heard, it was reported earlier this week that there is expected to be a chicken wing shortage come Super Bowl Sunday. (I waited this long to tell you so I could see you panic!) So if you want your wings, you better be safe and try to get them today.

Pilgrim's Pride Corp. filed for bankruptcy back in early December, which doesn't sound like much of an issue because you've probably never heard of them. You just know you love to stuff your face at Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooters. However, Pilgrim's Pride supply around one quarter of the 24 billion wings that were eaten last year.... Yeah, pretty heavy.... (insert Marty McFly/Doc joke here) The shortage has really affected wing production and has also driven up prices.

So get your wings now peeps and get ready for a Cardinal Super Bowl win! (Don't put your money on it, but that's who I'M picking!) Because about 5% of all wings in this country will be eaten tomorrow......... Just be sure to run about 100 miles afterwards. Lifting the remote during commercials doesn't count!

Source: Deadspin

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