Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Bowl Ad Too Sexy For TV

NBC rejected a Super Bowl ad from PETA that depicts women gettin their "love on" with vegetables. The point: that people supposedly have better sex lives when they eat more greens..... or....pumpkins....evidently.............any vegetable....

Of course guys are thinking, "that makes me really want to eat more asparagus!" But what do women think? What would a parent of a youngster think?

Go ahead and click on the pic to go to the site where you can see the video, and decide for yourself. I must say, this may be a little too hot to handle. It's pretty obvious a bunch of guys made the spot. And although it is puurreettty sexy, it might not be appropriate for the Super Bowl. So friends, parental discretion is advised!... or whatever NBC would say before something scandalous...

But enough rambling. Did NBC get this right? Did PETA go too far? You decide!

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