Tuesday, January 27, 2009

14 Year Old Boy Poses As Chicago Police Officer

As ridiculous as it sounds, a 14 year old Chicago teenager walked into a police precinct, got designated for assignment, and didn't get noticed as a fake until the end of the day when another officer realized that the boy had a fake badge on.

The eighth grader is an aspiring police officer and this is the third time he's been caught impersonating one; only this time he actually went on a real traffic patrol.

Sounds like we have a real-life "Fletch" on our hands! The kid committed a serious crime. But wow, talk about guts. Obsessive and crazy?....yes. But still gutsy. The real question is how in the heck an 8th grader can get through the security system at a Chicago police department?! Maybe Governor Blagojevich had something to do with that too. Ha.

Read the full article from the Chicago Tribune here.

Catch the trailer for Fletch here. Classic Chevy Chase.

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