Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scott Podsednik Is Back!

One of my favorite baseball players of all-time has reemerged into the Chicago Whitesox' starting lineup. A former all-star due to his timely hitting and speed along the basepaths, Scott Podsednik is looking like the same ball player that helped lead the Sox to the 2005 World Series title.

Over the past month, Pods is hitting .319 with 8 swipes and a home run to boot! And although I was little hesitant at first, I think it's for real folks.

Podsednik is lucky to even have a job right now, but he is taking full of advantage of his time in center field while Carlos Quentin is on the DL. The Colorado Rockies let him go April 1st, which left Scott jobless on opening day. Whitesox GM Ken Williams wasn't ready to quite give up on the guy that helped him win a ring in 2005, and it's paying off.

I think Pods is going to continue his streak and will end up with around 30 stolen bases and a .290 average. So if you need someone like that on your fantasy team, pick him up now.

And of course, just like Zack Grienke, it doesn't hurt if you have an incredibly hot wife. I see a common thread here... Gorgeous women and MLB players having complete resurgence with their careers. Hmmmm. Just throwing that out there. Just a hunch, but it may be part of the equation to MLB success. It also seems that I always have the same taste in women as my 'man crushes.' Meet Lisa Dergan Podsednik.... She likes golf.

I also plan on writing more 'Fantasy Sports' type articles. If this is your thing, please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Just one thing, since Q has been on the DL, Podsednik has been playing Left field, not center. But I assume when Q gets back Pods will be in CF platooning with Anderson and Wise could be the odd man out. Also, that pic of Lisa is 7 years old and that's all in the past. She is now a married woman with a newborn and pretty much stays in the background now. Give it a rest.