Thursday, June 4, 2009

3 Reasons I'm Picking The Magic In The Finals

#1 Dwight Howard

It hurts not having Jameer Nelson (although some say he will play), but it's all about Dwight. If he can stay out of foul trouble, it's going to open up the long range shots that Orlando can knock down on any given night.

#2 Magic Fans

They may be bandwagoners, but they can't be as annoying as Lakers fans. With or without fun dogs.

#3 Floridians have better style!

OK, so maybe that's not quite true. And maybe this picture is from Alabama, but hey 'bama is next to Florida.. so that counts. Anywho, i'd rather see this than that hideous yellow and purple. Unless of course it is a Magic JOHNSON jersey. Then you're cool.

All in all I'm taking the Magic in 7 games. What do YOU got?

And I musn't forget Dwight's new Vitamin Water commercial. I mean c'mon. Dwight is just a lot more comedic than Kobe. More likeable.

*NOTE.* It may look bad that Josh lives in LA and is rooting against the Lakers. It should be noted that at heart Josh is a Bulls fan (originally from Illinois) and only 'kids' when poking fun at Lakers fans and Kobe. But for this series, go Magic!

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