Friday, April 3, 2009

What Do You Think About Jay Cutler Bears Fans?

The Bears haven't had a Pro-Bowl quarterback since 1985 in Jim McMahon. Now it looks like the Bears are desperately trying to change that by acquiring Jay Cutler from Denver.

Originally from Illinois, I was shocked to hear this news this morning. The Bears are notorious for having mediocre at best, quarterbacks. Cutler has a great arm, but does he have the intangibles? After this little charade he pulled with Denver, is Cutler the 'T.O.' of quarterbacks?

There are so many questions with this trade. There are about as many opinions with this situation as there are Bears fans. Not to mention all the questions that arise when you 'google image' 'Jay Cutler.' Go ahead and do it....creeeeeeppyy....
Cutler has this big of an ego and he's not even the main result when you 'google image' his name? Pulleeasse.

Good luck Bears fans. That's all I have to say. And I truly mean it! Hey, I hope it works out, but I say there is at best, a 50/50 shot. Which of course is better than it was 24 hours ago!

What do you think Bears fans? Is 2 first rounders, a second round pick and Kyle Orton too much for Cutler?

Bears fans, fill me in!

I will tell you one thing though. I will miss all of the Philip Rivers/Jay Cutler trash talk.

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