Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jordan's Son Chooses School

As his father gets accepted into the Basketball Hall-of-Fame, Michael Jordan's son, Marcus, has chosen to accept a scholarship from The University of Central Florida.

Marcus Jordan is coming off a stellar performance in the Illinois state playoffs in which he led his team to a state title. Now it looks like he will play D-I like his brother Jeffrey, who plays for Illinois.

You can't expect these kids to live up to their father's status, but just the fact that they have made it to the D-I level is outstanding. Only 1% of high school ballers even do that. Some have said that Marcus is even better than his older brother Jeffrey and that one or two years at UCF could lead to an eventual transfer to a larger, more historical program. So count him out yet. We might be talking a lot about both Jordans in the NCAA tournament a couple years from now.
[The Dagger]

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