Monday, April 13, 2009

Columbia Professor Faints On Fox News Channel

Ohhhh those crazies over at Fox News. I tell ya!

David Buckner, a Columbia University professor was on FNC to talk about why American companies were failing on Glenn Beck's Fox News TV show. Then......... he passed out. Fainted. Fell. Hit the floor. ALL after talking about stocks that have fallen. TOO ironic.

*whispers*... I'm passin' out....
"You alright?".... I'm passin' out....
"OK, haha, you wanna hang on?".... I'm passin' out...

No. He can't "hang on," Because he's passing out! Help the man already!

This is the second person to pass out on national live television in the past month! Don't forget about the USC volleyball coach that hit the sand face-first!

This is sure to make you 'lol.'

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