Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Upset To Watch For In This Year's NCAA Tournament


Want to win your bracket this year? It's tough. The more you know about the teams in the tournament, the worse you usually do. However if you want to win, you HAVE to be able to call the upsets. Well friends, i'm here to give you a big one. You can thank me later....

Every year there is at least one lower seeded team to make it all the way to at least the Sweet 16. We watched George Mason make a run, Davidson did it last year, 10 years ago it was Gonzaga. This year, that team will be Utah State. That's right Utah State. The Aggies.

It's a bold prediction. But the Aggies have the best record in the country at 30-4, only behind Memphis. They lead the entire country in field goal percentage at nearly 50%. And don't forget that they are playing a banged up Marquette in Boise, Idaho, not too far from the Aggies home in Logan, Utah. I will not be shocked if the Aggies get past Marquette. The second round game would be a much bigger upset over Mizzou, but I don't find Missouri that sexy like everyone else. I watched an Illinois team completely demolish them and make them look foolish earlier this season. Look out for a hot Aggie squad to take down the Tigers.

Plus look at these bad boys. They just scream "winners!"

Making out on the court after the big WAC Championship win? Hello! Can you say Stud Muffins?!..... Winners.

Gary Wilkinson's fierce face as he's getting ready for the gynormous dunk (Or he got a glimpse of a dude flashing him in the stands behind the basket). That nasty looking face approaching the rim?? Marquette and Mizzou aren't ready for that!.... Winners.

USU head coach Stew Morrill after the WAC Championship. That's right!....... His name is STEW. Any coach named STEW!!???. His team has GOT to be.... Winners.

And oh ya...STEW, went to Gonzaga!......... Winners.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to be rooting for a bunch of good ol' fashioned Mormon boys who have returned from their missions and are still playing college hoops at the age of 26.


  1. wow. you've convinced me to watch my bracket fall apart.
    i hope you are right and i lose money.

  2. Woooooot Woooooot. Utah State hey Aggies All the way, go aggies go aggies hey hey hey