Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank Maine For Topless Coffee

How would you like some boobs with your latte? Turns out a lot of men would... (Surprise, surprise?)

Pretty risque, but nonetheless some crazy funny news out of Vassalboro, Maine. The economy must be bad when gimmicks like this are popping up....

"Eight customers -- all men -- stopped by the coffee shop between 10 and 11:15 a.m. Tuesday. Staff members estimated they had between 50 and 60 customers on Monday, despite a snowstorm; of those customers, about eight were women."

Why bear the winter cold for a cup o' joe outside your own home? Why mostly men? Because it's a topless coffee shop!

As outrageous as it sounds, the owner interviewed more than 150 people for only 10 positions before opening up the new store. Even though most are waitresses, there are men waiting as well, all topless.
[Topless waitress Susie Wiley, 23, of Farmingdale, said she went for the job because it's "something different" and said she's worked in coffee shops since she was a teenager. Asked whether the shop is degrading to women, Wiley said, "No, I love it. I find it very empowering, not degrading."]

Last week one waitress brought coffee to a male customer, who only consumed about half a cup over a span of a few minutes, before he finally handed Kelley a $100 bill. He left without saying a single word!

I would be really surprised if this shop were to stay open, being that it's in a small community of only 4,000 + residents. However, if customers are leaving $100.00 tips, it would be hard for it not to continue. Maybe just be forced to move somewhere else.

Should we expect copy cats sometime soon? Will there be topless pizza parlors.... or topless sushi joints? Do they serve sushi or pizza at strip clubs? If they do, is there a difference between a strip club and what's going on here? Am I asking too many questions? I think I'm confusing myself. Time to stop before this truly blows my mind.

In the end they're not really stripping. I would say it's more of a European style beach..............

only it's not a beach......'s Maine.

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Source: Kennebec Journal

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