Monday, March 30, 2009

"One Tree Hill" Gets More Ridiculous

It astounds me how soap opera's get so outrageous. Just when you think they have no more story line, no more crazy turns to make, no more "come back from the dead" surprises, they just keep topping themselves and DO come back with something else.

One Tree Hill was once a pretty good teen drama about basketball and high school love/drama. (after all love and drama are the same right? ha) But just watch the clip below, and tell me this isn't the funniest drama bit in recent memory. Maybe it's just Joel McHale and his "Soup," but this is great TV. It's too outrageous.....

Oh, and don't worry. The real-life Dan is doing OK and has a real heart. My friend Rhiannon saw him at The Happy Ending in Hollywood a few weeks ago.

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