Thursday, March 5, 2009

Does Anyone REALLY Know What Is Going On With A-Rod?

The world O' sports has been dominated recently by T.O. and A-Rod. The news of Terrell Owens is pretty well expected and accepted. I don't think any of us were surprised to see that Jerry Jones finally let him go. And c'mon, it's T.O. He's always in the news.

But does anyone TRULY know what the heck is going on with Alex Rodriguez???

It all started yesterday when news broke that he had a cyst in his hip that was being looked at; surgery being a possibility. ESPN was reporting this, but little did we know that the source was his brother. Let me say that again, BROTHER. Brother???? Did we even know he had a brother? I've never heard of him, and neither has my

Then reports came out today that he was in fact going to have the surgery to get rid of the cyst and to fix his torn labrum, sidelining him for up to 10 weeks.

About an hour later, another report came out that that the surgery was going to be more complicated than what first thought, and that he would miss anywhere from 2-4 months. Again, the only source being his *brother*. No one had evidently contacted the Yankees for any information.

New York beat reporter Peter Abraham did talk with the Yankees and has now reported that Brian Cashman is putting a hold on the surgery. ESPN's Jayson Stark also said that Cashman was shocked by the news, because Rodriguez hadn't been complaining of any pain whatsoever. So basically the team expects A-Rod to play through the pain.

There's the story as of now. Thanks for reading the long semi-rant. But I just want to know what is happening! No one can figure this out.

Here is Deadspin...

"So at this point, no one can figure out what is actually happening. ESPN News is sticking by the brother story, while also adding that the ball club is leaning toward no surgery and running clips of his agent, Scott Boras, saying they will wait and see. I'm not sure whose call it would be, but I'm guessing it's not up to A-Rod's brother."

What do YOU think?

If you play fantasy baseball, where do you draft him? Do you still expect Alex to put up big numbers this year?

Yes, that's right. I am a HUGE fantasy baseball nerd. Surprised?

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