Monday, March 9, 2009

Buzzer Beater Heats Up March Madness

Can you feel the Madness creeping up!? I sure can. March is the best sports month of the year, along with October, and this coming Sunday (selection Sunday) cannot come soon enough. On that note, let's talk about one of the greatest buzzer beaters I've seen in a while. I'm sure you've seen it all over Sportscenter.

I've only been out of school and away from Tuscaloosa for two years, and I didn't even know that Alabama had a player named Anthony Brock. (I'm guessing he's related to Evan Brock, who played for the Tide when I was there) But I can't get enough of this OUTSTANDING shot.

In a year where the Tide finally got rid of Mark Gottfried, (but it took Ronald Steele leaving for them to come to their senses) it's nice to finally see a positive smudge pop up within the program's massively disappointing year. It really stinks that Bama won't go dancin' this year, but highlights like this helps things a little.... a little......

Brock lost his grandmother and just had returned from her funeral, driving through the night to make it to Knoxville in time for the game... only to make this unbelievable game winning 3-pointer! It's always great to beat Tennessee! Roll Tide!

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