Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tebow Heading For NFL Draft? Wait! Not So Fast!

Tim Tebow surprised a lot of us on Sunday when he announced that he is staying at Florida for his senior season. With one Heisman Trophy and two national titles under his belt, simply another good season at UF will ensure his status as one of the greatest, if not the greatest college football player of all-time.

They're saying that if he were to enter the NFL draft this spring, he wouldn't be taken until the 3rd of 4th round. Smart move Tim. Another, smart move. The last great player that I can remember that actually stayed for his senior year was ANOTHER guy named Tim, last name Duncan, you know the HOF forward who played at Wake Forest.

He did have us played though. You're sneaky Tim Tebow! If you get to see the raw footage, Tim just keeps repeating about how Florida has given him so many great "memories." As if he is not coming back. Then, as he is walking off stage, he pivots, comes back to the center of the stage, then finally announces that he is, IN FACT, coming back for another season. Well done Tim. Welllll done! And I'm not even a Florida fan.

Oh, and look for the girl in the Orange top. The last guy to make this many girls go nuts at one time was probably John Stamos during his Full House years, but only when he had the mullet.

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  1. Smart move indeed... Tim Tebow, great athlete, but average quarterback. (By NFL Standards) In College you can get away with that (Jason White, Chris Leak, Troy Smith) But unless Tebow completely changes the way he plays QB (or switches positions RB....TE maybe?) I don't see Mr. Tebow raising himself passed 4th round status.