Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Please God. Give Us A Blink-182/NSYNC Reunion!

Can you imagine? The pop punk-rock boy band, and the.... well, simply pop boy band both make comebacks at the same time!?

I learned how to play guitar in high school off Blink's "Enema of the State," arguably one of the greatest pop rock albums of all time. And NSYNC was always a guilty pleasure. Just ask Camp Walter Scott in Dieterich, IL., where I was part of a parody of "Bye Bye Bye." Good times.

In recent interviews Mark Hoppus says he hopes for a Blink-182 reunion some day, but that it would have to be the most mind blowing experience one would EVER have at a concert. Here's what he told MTV recently..

"The future is wide open. ...Blink-182 wasn't manufactured by a label, and we weren't making music to make money or for fame. We were three friends in a band, writing music that we loved. That's where it began and ended. Before there's reunion talk, we need to get back t
o that point again. Actually, we would need to get beyond that point, to a place where you can say to someone, 'Hey, man, I'm not really feeling this,' and be able to argue constructively about the music. Because that's where the best of Blink-182 came into being..."

NSYNC on the other hand may have a better shot. It's probably just up to Mr. Timberlake taking the time to grow back his dreamy locks.

In all seriousness though, Joey Fatone told Hollywoodscoop.com... "It's possible. You never know, that's the hardest part. With 'N Sync you have five guys with five individual likes and what they wanna do in the direction of their careers. For me, personally I'm the only one that's married and has a child and has that career. Family is some sort of lifestyle and career. For the other guys, you've got Justin Timberlake, who is doing really well, JC Chasez who is writing, Lance (Bass) who just did Dancing with the Stars' and who is hosting. You've got Chris (Kirkpatrick) who is writing and singing."

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. And these reunions definitely do! But on that note, let's celebrate anyway! Here are more Blink-182/NSYNC pics for your pleasure.

"All The Small Things!" - With the little people! Oh, jeeesh, the good ol' days when MTV used to be good!....somewhat.

I reeaaallly hope this is photo-shopped. But it probably isn't.

Is this a Target ad?

No, this is the Target ad. My bad!

Isn't this every guy's dream!?................. To just run around naked...and free. What did you think I meant?

One of the best album covers of all-time.

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