Monday, January 19, 2009

5 Reasons To Root For Da' Cardinals In Super Bowl XLIII

Who will you be rooting for this upcoming Super Bowl? Ze' Arizona Cardinals? or those pesky Pittsburgh Steelers?

You can probably tell by my last statement that I am definitely pulling for Arizona, and here's why you should too...

1) The Underdog Factor. The Cardinals have never won a Super Bowl. Pittsburgh has won 5. Arizona's last championship came in 1947 when they were in Chicago. The only other pro team to go that long without a championship are the Cubs!

2) Kurt Warner. Seriously. How can you not like this guy. He was once stocking shelves at a grocery store just a few years before he won the Super Bowl with the Rams. He always gives glory to God when appropriate. He's making his third trip to the Super Bowl. Team leader. Heck of a nice guy. Enough said. Boo-ya.

3) Team Mascot/Colors. I mean c'mon. What is a Steeler anyway? The Cards got it goin on with better team colors and the great, classic Cardinal head logo.

4) You're a 49er/Cowboy Fan and Don't Want To Be In 2nd Place. That is 2nd in Super Bowl wins. The Niners and Cowboys have 5 each along with the Steelers. Who wants to see Pittsburgh win number 6 to lead the league all-time? Not me. (I'm a 49er fan btw :/ .....)

5) You Don't Mess With Todd Haley Foo! Did you see Anquan Boldin go off on the offensive coordinator in the middle of the NFC Championship game against Philly? He doesn't take any prisoners and he showed Anquan who's boss! Any coach like that is worth rootin for.
If you can read lips, it looked as if Haley was saying "Don't call me that!"... over and over...